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4 Contrasting Features of Paints and Wallpapers

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Your home décor is incomplete without wall colors and textures. Your walls, being the most important aspect of home décor definitely deserve something extraordinary. They have the advantage of giving your home an amazing transformation with the help of paints and wallpapers. After a sharp decline in popularity, wallpapers are back in trends again. Technological advancement in materials and digital printing has given contractors, homeowners and designers the opportunity to juggle with options while decorating walls. Whether you go for paints or wallpapers, select the appropriate material and texture that go well with your furniture and other décor accessories. While choosing between wallpaper and wall paint you need to keep the key factors in mind. The key factors include durability, surface preparation and cost of a wallpaper or paint project

To help you out in making your choice between wall paints or wallpapers I have come up with a comprehensive study of both with their pros and cons.

1. Surface preparation

Wallpapers are the best choice to hide surface imperfections. Proper preparation of the surface is very important to get the best results. Any larger holes or uneven areas need to be filled and smoothened. Additionally, your old wallpaper also has to be removed before the new installation. For a successful installation you are recommended to apply a coat of one step primer or sealer to stabilize the old paint. On the other hand the surface preparation for paints is a bit more complicated than wallpapers. Just like the surface preparation of wallpapers, here also damaged areas in your walls have to be repaired before you paint but this might take a lot of effort for the walls which filled with damage.

2. Installation

Installation needs professional painters Toronto. There are multiple methods available to install these wallpapers which are simple and fast. Some of these modern methods include “paste the paper”, “paste the wall”, “prepasted” and “peel and stick”. “Peel & stick removable wallpapers” come with an easy installation process and suitable for a nursery or children’s room. So if you are worried about messy installation, go for peel and stick wallpaper. Painting is comparatively easy and a straight forward method. You must ensure that your room is well ventilated to get rid of the odor of fresh paint. Apart from the smell, you need to be cautious about your clothes as well as fresh paints can ruin your clothes easily.

3. Durability

Wallpapers come with a maximum lifespan of 15 years and more, which definitely makes it a cost effective and durable solution for room decoration. It is said that properly installed wallpaper will last 3 times as long as paint. It works truly well in a high traffic area in your home. On the other hand a painted room lasts about ten years. If you have chosen paint for a high traffic area you probably need to do proper touch up at regular intervals. You need to choose the proper shade that matches with your existing walls. This procedure is much easier when it comes to wallpapers. In general wallpapers are washable which makes the maintenance easy.

4. Cost

Usually the cost of wallpaper and its installation are more expensive than paints. However the present scenario has changed with the introduction of different kind of materials and types to make it more cost effective for buyers. Contrary to this, paints tend to be less costly, though the price varies depending on the type and finish you select. There are plenty of low cost interior painting options available for those who have budget limitations.

Home decors offer a huge array of options that you can use to add creativity to your home. Wallpapers and paints both come with their pros and cons. You can even use a combination of both for your home décor, the choice is yours.

bramptonpainting_wp4 Contrasting Features of Paints and Wallpapers

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