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6 Tips to Save your Expenditure on Painting Projects

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It is an undeniable fact that a fresh coat of paint renews your house with a fresh look. Apart from its aesthetic properties, it also safeguards walls from fungus and other damages.

Painting is the fastest way of giving your home a complete makeover as compared to other renovation or redecorating works. If you have plans to paint your house in the near future, it is recommended for you to rely on professional painters rather than taking up their job on your shoulders.

The first step to plan for a house painting project is to consider the cost of it. The painting expenditure depends on multiple factors like the size of the house, printing materials and labor charges.

In most of the cases the total cost of painting depends on labor charges and painting materials

1. Labor charges

Labor charges cover the major part of total painting expenditure. Painters spend most of their time on the surface preparation so that the paint lasts long and adhere well. To reduce the total cost you need to control the time duration for cleaning, patching, sanding, caulking and painting.

2. Cost of painting materials

After labor charges, comes the painting expenses which generally range between $20 to $70 and more per gallon. The price range depends on the sheen, your preferred grade and other special features of the paint. There are paints that come with special features like mold resistance, paints that suppress smell or need fewer coats etc. your painter would always recommend you the one that he trusts but if you are painting your garage or sprucing up your basement you do not need paints with those special features.

In this blog I will be sharing with you some amazing tips in saving your money on your painting project

1. Begin with a plan

Proper planning is the need of every project and the painting project is also not an exception. Being impulsive while taking a major decision in this project can sink your budget immediately. When you finally step into the paint shop select the color samples which according to you go well with your space. At the same time you can also add some other shades in your list. Sometimes such uncommon shades can also surprise you with great looks. Whatever your choice is testing those colors on your walls is of utmost importance.

2. Research and get multiple estimates/compare

It is always a good idea to consult with multiple house painters in Brampton to get an idea of their estimates. Follow your friends and relatives’ recommendations to find painters in your area who hold a proper license and are insured. Comparing the estimates provided by them will help you take the right decision on finding a cost effective solution for you.

3. Select color strategically

By choosing the same shade for your new house painting project can significantly save your money. But this could only be possible if your surface is in good condition. Dark shades are not recommended here. They are perfectly suitable for trim or accent. If you wish to add fewer coats, premium paints are the best choice for you.

4. Wait for paint sales

Renowned paint stores offer sales and exciting offers on every purchase at a particular time of the year. Usually paint industry sales are held in spring as it is a preferred season for most of the people to start their home improvement projects. If you already have a favorite paint brand follow them on social media platforms to stay updated about their offers and sales. Waiting for a few weeks can save you a lot on your painting project.

5. Consider hiring a professional

House painting is a laborious and an extremely time consuming project if done by an amateur. That is why it is good to avoid DIY painting projects. Professionals will take half of the time that you would take to complete the project and achieving perfection in the result is another concern. A professional painter not only helps you with his painting service but also suggests you good shades for your space.

6. Ask for a written contract

You must ask for a written contract, before finalizing a deal with a professional painter. The contract should mention everything that will be done during the process. With the help of the written contracts, you will be assured about the price and services promised by the painter.

I hope these tips will be helpful for you in reducing your expenditure on your painting project. While looking for house painting services near me, don’t forget to consider the above mentioned points.

bramptonpainting_wp6 Tips to Save your Expenditure on Painting Projects

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