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Selecting the Right Kind of Floor Paint for your Basement

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If you are planning to renovate your basement, it is important for you to choose the right kind of floor paint for it. selecting a paint that is hard to clean or gets easily peeled off will only increase your hassles. That is why you need to make a wise decision while looking for a suitable floor paint. In this blog, we will be discussing about the best painting option for your basement floor.

Advantages of epoxy paints for basement flooring

1. Durable

Epoxy paints are known for their durability and resistance power against oil and grease. This is one of the main reasons why they are considered as a suitable option for the garage or the porch.

2. Waterproof

Epoxy paints are waterproof paints which makes it a perfect choice for basement flooring as basements are prone to get wet. We all are well-aware of the damages that a wet basement can cause to our house and family health. They also have equal heat resistance capacity.

3. less maintenance

Apart from their long-lasting nature, epoxy paints are easy to apply and require less maintenance. This is the reason why they were initially used in industrial floor painting.

Epoxy paints for industrial and residential needs

The 100% solid epoxy paints are the costliest basement floor paints and after this comes paints with 40 to 60% solids. Both the paints are commonly used for industrial painting purposes because of their durability and price. So, using these paints for residential needs is unnecessary.

Water-based epoxy paints are the most suitable option for home application. They are comparatively less expensive than the solid ones and are available at most hardware stores. Water-based paints have more color options than the solid epoxy paints which again is an advantage for home basement floors as the color of your basement requires to match with the rest of the decor of the room.

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Although the painting application is quite simple, the floor needs to be properly prepared before the application. You need to ensure that the floor is clean and there is no dust. Additionally, you need to take care of the defects or imperfection of the floor before painting. This step is mainly for the quality purpose and the way you want it. For instance, if you only want to utilize the space for storing junks then you do not need to be worried about the floor imperfections.

So, you need to be careful while purchasing or applying paint in your basement. You must keep in mind the entire room and the purpose for which you use the room while selecting a type of paint for it. the color of the entire room plays an important role here. Try to select a color that suits with the rest of the room.

When it comes to basement floor painting, Epoxies are considered as the best option. Epoxy paints were mainly created for industrial usage but now they have become quite common amongst homeowners and home improvement projects.

In order to add a finishing touch to your basement, you can seal it off with a concrete sealer. This not only enhances the looks but also increases its lifespan. As mentioned above epoxy paints are available in most hardware stores that come with everything you require to get a good basement painting job.

bramptonpainting_wpSelecting the Right Kind of Floor Paint for your Basement

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