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6 Dining Room Painting Ideas for a Lovely Dining Space

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A dining room could mean a lot of different things to different people. For some, it could be a place where the family gathers for a relaxed meal every day, and for others, it could be a place for entertainment. But, whichever position the dining room holds in your house, try to make it look fun. There are many ways to make the room look that way, from designer wallpapers for extravagance to a wall design in neutrals for a more simple, but elegant look. So, here are some creative home painting ideas for a chic dining room.


6 Dining Room Paint Ideas

1) Try metallic walls

If you want a simple look for the dining room but still want it to look modern, then metallic walls are the way to go about it. A contemporary print on a metallic wallpaper will highlight the lightings in the room, so make sure to add some lamps or chandeliers in your dining room’s interiors. These metallic walls go best with a dining table in neutral shades.

2) Ombre effect

The ombre colour effect is all the rage these days. An ombre effect is when one paint blends into another, creating a water-coloured effect. For this look, the lightest shade will be at the top, blending into a medium tone in the middle, with the darkest shade at the bottom. The only trick here is to choose two colours that blend well.

A dining table that contrasts the wall paint will make your dining room a fun and lively place to enjoy all your meals.

3) A soothing shade on all the walls

A simple but creative paint idea is to paint all the four walls with the same shade, but use a statement colour for a better look. Though often ignored instead of more designer looks, one can never go wrong with this trend.

A shade of green, for instance, gives a statement look but can also blend in the background. A white dining table is an excellent contrast for a statement wall paint.

4) A white background always works

Not just white, but any warm colour can be a perfect canvas for a bold interior. Earthy tones for the furniture and bold decorations could transform any boring dining room and give it a classic look. Give the furniture a colour of their own, something in contrasting colours to complement the white backdrop. A creative paint idea is to use bold colours for the tip of the legs and use decorative seat cushions for a perfect combination.


5) Feature walls are a classic trend

Want to highlight or frame a particular wall? Use bold colours to highlight it and a different shade for the remaining walls. You could decorate the wall with frames or hang tapestries. For a more creative and informal look, try painting a blackboard on the wall.

6) Go for patterns

For a stunning look, a stripe or floral pattern can be incorporated into a monochrome colour scheme. For a room that is used for entertainment, you want the design to be lively for a social setting, say a neutral paint with colourful flowers design or strips of varying colours on a white background. Or you could go for various shades of the same colour for a subtle design. A wooden dining table will complement this look the best.

Final Thought

Didn’t these creative paint ideas give you some inspiration for your dining room? So now that you know what you want your dining room to look like, head over to Brampton Painting for all your residential painting needs. Or try looking up a residential painting contractor near you and choose the one that suits your needs the best.

bramptonpainting_wp6 Dining Room Painting Ideas for a Lovely Dining Space

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