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Guide to Ensuring Scaffolding Safety for Industrial Painting Projects

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Dos and Don’ts of Scaffolding Safety in Industrial Painting

Painting may appear to be a dull job, but those who take on industrial & commercial projects know that it is no less than an adventure. The thrill of applying a fresh layer of paint while being suspended many feet above the ground will remind you of your favorite action film.

However, with great height comes great risks!

Unlike domestic painting, industrial painting projects have different requirements. There are tougher stains to remove, hazardous places, higher ceilings to reach, and specialized machines or tools. Scaffoldings are one such essential equipment that helps in reaching the tough to reach spots.

Scaffolding Safety tips for Industrial Painting Contractors

  1. Ensure that the scaffolding is rigid and has adequate load-bearing capacity.
  2. A general rule of thumb states that it should be capable of carrying its own weight in addition to maximum intended load times four.
  3. The scaffolding should be erected on a solid, sound foundation.
  4. Strong and stable items must be used to support the scaffolds or its planks.
  5. Avoid making use of barrels, loose bricks, concrete blocks, boxes or other unstable items.
  6. A scaffold must not be erected, dismantled, moved, or even altered without the thorough supervision of a competent individual.
  7. Additional safety measures such as mid-rails, toeboards, and guardrails must be included.
  8. If any scaffold accessories are found to be rusted, damaged, or weakened, they must be immediately replaced.
  9. The scaffold platform should be tightly planked using a scaffold plank grade material.
  10. Any kind of synthetic or natural ropes that have been used for scaffolding suspension should be protected from intense direct heat or heat producing sources.
  11. The scaffolding setup must be at a distance of at least 10 feet from any electric power line or similar hazard.
  12. The scaffolds must be accessible through ladders and/or stairs.
  13. All the scaffoldings must be inspected by a competent authority, preferably at the end of each shift, to ensure that the construction has not lost its structural integrity.

Basic Dos and Don’ts of Scaffolding Safety

Here are some dos and don’ts for maintaining scaffolding safety.


You must, at all times:

  • Ensure that the staff is trained before they get hands-on experience with scaffoldings.
  • Such training must include everything, right from understanding the carrying capacity of scaffolds to dealing with mishaps.
  • Wear a hard hat and non-slip work boots at all times when at work, especially while working under, on, or around scaffolding.
  • Follow the standardized scaffold tagging technique and check the tags before use.
  • Make use of lanyards and safety belts when working at a height that is 10 feet or above.
  • Stay off the scaffolding while loading or unloading takes place.


Under no circumstances should you:

  • Overload the scaffolding
  • Begin working on a platform or scaffolding until it has been completely planked
  • Stand or climb on the sections of the scaffolding frame that is not intended for standing or climbing
  • Walk on the scaffold planking if it is covered in the lubricant or oily substances, mud, snow, or ice. In continuation, avoid making use of a scaffold in adverse weather.
  • Make use of a scaffold or its accessory if it appears to be damaged in some way.

As frontrunners of industrial painting, Brampton Painting ensures the highest standards of safety measures to avoid any mishaps. Our industrial paint services are unparalleled and so are our safety efforts. With BramptonPainting at the helm, you and our employees can be at ease.  Call us 905-461-5115 to inquire.

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Why Walls Always? Beautify Homes with Stylish Floor Paintings

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The first thing that comes in our mind, when we think of adding a fresh look to our house is wall paintings. It is believed to be one of the easiest ways of renewing the appearance of a house. A freshly painted wall or a panel of wallpaper or artwork can instantly brighten up your mood.

In case you do not want to change your walls or just want to try out something new for your house makeover- you always have an option to experiment with your floors.

Recently the concept of floor painting is being counted amongst the hottest trends of 2019 as stated by Pinterest. Floor paintings not only enhance the look of your home, it is also a lot cheaper than the procedure of taking out the hardwood or tile from your floor. When it comes to floor painting it is always better to rely on professionals. This new trend and ideas provide more than which only satisfies your eyes and there are different ways of painting floors as well.

1. Make a statement with stencils

Statement making flooring such as ceramic, natural and porcelain are quite expensive. Stencils are an amazing replacement for such high priced flooring options which not only cost less but provide a better appearance to your space. To freshen up your kitchen and powder room, you no more need to take the hassle of changing your flooring entirely. Try out various stencil designs like mosaic or geometric pattern for stunning makeovers. It’s a trendy DIY trick that can be applied on tiles, parquet, wood and even linoleum.

Stencils are the easiest way to add a new design to a particular room. It is affordable and recommended for larger spaces. These are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs for you to choose.

2. Amp up parquets

Parquet floors have made a comeback after 1960s in 2019. These wooden floors are installed in geometric patterns and one of the favorite flooring option for the design conscious home owners. Parquet floors witnessed its golden period in 60s when it almost became a fashion to finish its look with a particular orange hue that has gone out of trend now. But the best part about it is that even if not orange, you can opt for various colors in this flooring pattern. It is always better to go for a wood stain or paint color like gray or black that represent the current trend. Before anything else you need to paint the entire parquet floor with an oil based primer. This will protect the paint from soaking into the wood. Finish the look with polyurethane coat, and then finally voila—like-new flooring.

3. Brighten up rooms with bold glaze

Glazed ceramic tiles are suitable for almost every room but its usage is mostly seen in kitchens and bathrooms. Ceramic tiles are rarely seen in other colors than natural hues like beige and taupe. So if you wish to experiment with colors, it is a good idea to go for the bold once. A fresh splash of bold and beautiful colors are perfect way to renergize your rooms. Such bold colors in floors allow the light to reflect and better endure wear over time.

Selecting an acrylic latex or epoxy floor paint keeps you in the safer side as they make sure that the paint adheres to the tile surface. You can apply a sealer to block small pores on the surface of an unglazed tile. A sealant adds a glossy look to a freshly painted tile. You must always keep in mind that your floors need an ample amount of time to dry.

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Create Classy Interiors with Painting Techniques

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Do you remember the first time you held a paint-brush as a kid? Do you recall the excitement? Unfortunately for most, that activity of painting simply went away as we grew up. But there is good news for all those wannabe painters. A whole lot of DIY (Do It Yourself) happens in the Home Improvement market, and one of the hot areas is Interiors Painting.

If you are an amateur painter looking for some wall painting tips, look no further. Some of these techniques are sure to impress your guests.

1. Strie

This comes from the French word meaning streaks or stripes. The strié technique creates thin linear horizontal or vertical lines on your walls which give your walls that chic look. Think of a linen shirt – that is exactly the kind of pattern you will see on your walls. The line effect can be done by running a strié brush on the original wet paint down the length of a wall (for vertical lines). It can also be achieved using any hard bristled brush as an alternative. The distance between the bristles dictates the thickness of the lines on the wall.

2. Taped

Did you know that the tapes that you use while painting your walls (to avoid paint from flowing onto other areas) can actually be put to very good use? Simply create any patterns you want on your wall with the tapes (regular patterns like hexagons or rhombuses or triangles, or irregular geometric shapes). Then give the wall two coats of paint and let it dry completely. Peel off the tapes carefully to reveal your funky wall pattern.

3. Colour Wash

This is a technique that originated in Italy and gives your wall a beautiful warm look. It consists of painting large crosses (Xs) on your wall in a contiguous fashion in quick succession. The idea is to keep the brush strokes visible after the paint job is done, rather than having a smooth surface. This technique works better with warm colours like the reds and burgundys, although others can also be explored.

4. Sponging and Rag Rolling

Both these techniques are relatively easy for beginners. They do not involve a lot of skill and are apt for expressing your creativity. In sponging you take a small sponge, dip it in paint and simply dab it to your wall in different locations, creating a pattern. You can also cut your sponge irregularly and roll it over on your wall for more interesting patterns. Rag rolling is similar in that you take a rag and make it into a roll, which you then roll over the wet paint of your wall, thus creating a pattern.

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5. Stencils

These are great alternatives to expensive wall paper. You will need a drawing (the shape that you wish to draw) in the form of a stencil. Stick the stencil to your wall with tape and simply use a stencil brush to paint over it. Then remove your stencil and move on to the next area on the wall to create patterns. Besides patterns, stencils can also be used to draw standalone shapes on your walls like cartoon characters or sports.

6. Ombre

This technique blends two colours into one on the same wall giving a fading effect. It requires the use of a spray to create the effect. First paint the top portion of the wall with the colour you wish to fade out. Do this for the top half of the wall. Then using spray painting meld that colour into the original colour of the wall.

Even though you can do a great job painting your home, but a professional cannot be compared.

Most homes use “professional” painters for their home painting servicesBramptonPainting is one such reputed and dependable name for home painting services in Mississauga and Brampton. They are both exterior and interior painters.

Wall painting is an exciting activity for all ages. It also serves as an excellent stress buster in today’s busy world. Are you ready to pick up your paintbrush and paint the town red?

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6 Tips to Save your Expenditure on Painting Projects

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It is an undeniable fact that a fresh coat of paint renews your house with a fresh look. Apart from its aesthetic properties, it also safeguards walls from fungus and other damages.

Painting is the fastest way of giving your home a complete makeover as compared to other renovation or redecorating works. If you have plans to paint your house in the near future, it is recommended for you to rely on professional painters rather than taking up their job on your shoulders.

The first step to plan for a house painting project is to consider the cost of it. The painting expenditure depends on multiple factors like the size of the house, printing materials and labor charges.

In most of the cases the total cost of painting depends on labor charges and painting materials

1. Labor charges

Labor charges cover the major part of total painting expenditure. Painters spend most of their time on the surface preparation so that the paint lasts long and adhere well. To reduce the total cost you need to control the time duration for cleaning, patching, sanding, caulking and painting.

2. Cost of painting materials

After labor charges, comes the painting expenses which generally range between $20 to $70 and more per gallon. The price range depends on the sheen, your preferred grade and other special features of the paint. There are paints that come with special features like mold resistance, paints that suppress smell or need fewer coats etc. your painter would always recommend you the one that he trusts but if you are painting your garage or sprucing up your basement you do not need paints with those special features.

In this blog I will be sharing with you some amazing tips in saving your money on your painting project

1. Begin with a plan

Proper planning is the need of every project and the painting project is also not an exception. Being impulsive while taking a major decision in this project can sink your budget immediately. When you finally step into the paint shop select the color samples which according to you go well with your space. At the same time you can also add some other shades in your list. Sometimes such uncommon shades can also surprise you with great looks. Whatever your choice is testing those colors on your walls is of utmost importance.

2. Research and get multiple estimates/compare

It is always a good idea to consult with multiple house painters in Brampton to get an idea of their estimates. Follow your friends and relatives’ recommendations to find painters in your area who hold a proper license and are insured. Comparing the estimates provided by them will help you take the right decision on finding a cost effective solution for you.

3. Select color strategically

By choosing the same shade for your new house painting project can significantly save your money. But this could only be possible if your surface is in good condition. Dark shades are not recommended here. They are perfectly suitable for trim or accent. If you wish to add fewer coats, premium paints are the best choice for you.

4. Wait for paint sales

Renowned paint stores offer sales and exciting offers on every purchase at a particular time of the year. Usually paint industry sales are held in spring as it is a preferred season for most of the people to start their home improvement projects. If you already have a favorite paint brand follow them on social media platforms to stay updated about their offers and sales. Waiting for a few weeks can save you a lot on your painting project.

5. Consider hiring a professional

House painting is a laborious and an extremely time consuming project if done by an amateur. That is why it is good to avoid DIY painting projects. Professionals will take half of the time that you would take to complete the project and achieving perfection in the result is another concern. A professional painter not only helps you with his painting service but also suggests you good shades for your space.

6. Ask for a written contract

You must ask for a written contract, before finalizing a deal with a professional painter. The contract should mention everything that will be done during the process. With the help of the written contracts, you will be assured about the price and services promised by the painter.

I hope these tips will be helpful for you in reducing your expenditure on your painting project. While looking for house painting services near me, don’t forget to consider the above mentioned points.

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Tips to Hire an Efficient Painting Contractor

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It is true that the term DIY is in fashion now and people do not think twice before trying their hands on anything but trust me certain areas of your home improvement project do need professional interference.

When it comes to painting people think it’s a very easy task. After all who does not know how to dab a brush into paint? But the reality is a bit different and it says house painting is not as easy as it sounds. It might save you a few bucks but it is next to impossible for you to bring the perfection into the work as professionals. It is an extremely laborious job that needs patience and excellence at every stroke.

So when you wish to paint your house hire a professional painter in Brampton who is experienced and efficient at his job. But hiring a painter blindly will cost you money and disappointment both. To avoid it you need to keep certain things in mind before appointing a professional contractor.

Let’s find out the things to consider before hiring a painter for your home.

1. Research

Like every other project, this project also starts with a little bit of homework. You can simply take Google’s help in this research with your postal code where you will find company ratings, sample work, testimonials from customers and more. Asking your friends, family and colleagues for recommendation is also not a bad idea. There are many contractors who have their own websites, check them for pictures and other details. These websites also contain their portfolio which will give a clear picture of their service quality to you.

2. Insurance

Insurance means trust. In other words if the painter you are hiring is insured then it adds a sense of trustworthiness to his work. Do not hesitate to enquire about a contractor’s insurance as you are the one who will take the risk. There are a lot of painters who are operating in the market without insurance and that is why you need to be careful. Most of the professional painters carry the proof of liability insurance with them. In case they do not have it ask them for a copy of it or you can directly call the insurance company to verify whether he is insured.

3. Specify your tastes and preferences

The price and quality of your painting project depend on multiple factors. Apart from the number of quotes a painter applies, the preparation is also a major factor based on which the service cost varies. If you wish to have an even surface and refuse to compromise then talk to the contractors about your tastes and preferences and be prepared to spend a few extra bucks on it. On the other hand if you are comfortable with minor imperfections then agree on what level of preparation is acceptable.

4. Ask for estimation

Ask for estimation in written form from each and every contractor you are considering to hire. It should thoroughly contain the details of breakdown of labor, material costs, number of coats of primer and paint, brand and models of materials and the description of the amount of surface preparation that will be done.

5. Ask for references

Reference is crucial in vital projects like this. Of course you cannot take such a big decision only based on someone’s words. You do have the right to know what you are getting into. You can talk to their past clients to know about their service quality. If a company has confidence in their work they would show you their previous work wholeheartedly without being hesitant. If you notice any reluctance in them in providing their work references, then you should put your steps back.

6. Better Business Bureau

Being a member of the Better Business Bureau or other trade associations gives you the assurance that the company is stable. It clearly indicates that the company is dedicated towards its trade and offering the best possible quality to its clients.

At the end of the day whoever you choose will be a part of your life for an extended period of time. That is why you need to be careful before taking the final decision. Follow the above mention tips to find a suitable professional painter for your commercial and residential painting project.

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4 Contrasting Features of Paints and Wallpapers

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Your home décor is incomplete without wall colors and textures. Your walls, being the most important aspect of home décor definitely deserve something extraordinary. They have the advantage of giving your home an amazing transformation with the help of paints and wallpapers. After a sharp decline in popularity, wallpapers are back in trends again. Technological advancement in materials and digital printing has given contractors, homeowners and designers the opportunity to juggle with options while decorating walls. Whether you go for paints or wallpapers, select the appropriate material and texture that go well with your furniture and other décor accessories. While choosing between wallpaper and wall paint you need to keep the key factors in mind. The key factors include durability, surface preparation and cost of a wallpaper or paint project

To help you out in making your choice between wall paints or wallpapers I have come up with a comprehensive study of both with their pros and cons.

1. Surface preparation

Wallpapers are the best choice to hide surface imperfections. Proper preparation of the surface is very important to get the best results. Any larger holes or uneven areas need to be filled and smoothened. Additionally, your old wallpaper also has to be removed before the new installation. For a successful installation you are recommended to apply a coat of one step primer or sealer to stabilize the old paint. On the other hand the surface preparation for paints is a bit more complicated than wallpapers. Just like the surface preparation of wallpapers, here also damaged areas in your walls have to be repaired before you paint but this might take a lot of effort for the walls which filled with damage.

2. Installation

Installation needs professional painters Toronto. There are multiple methods available to install these wallpapers which are simple and fast. Some of these modern methods include “paste the paper”, “paste the wall”, “prepasted” and “peel and stick”. “Peel & stick removable wallpapers” come with an easy installation process and suitable for a nursery or children’s room. So if you are worried about messy installation, go for peel and stick wallpaper. Painting is comparatively easy and a straight forward method. You must ensure that your room is well ventilated to get rid of the odor of fresh paint. Apart from the smell, you need to be cautious about your clothes as well as fresh paints can ruin your clothes easily.

3. Durability

Wallpapers come with a maximum lifespan of 15 years and more, which definitely makes it a cost effective and durable solution for room decoration. It is said that properly installed wallpaper will last 3 times as long as paint. It works truly well in a high traffic area in your home. On the other hand a painted room lasts about ten years. If you have chosen paint for a high traffic area you probably need to do proper touch up at regular intervals. You need to choose the proper shade that matches with your existing walls. This procedure is much easier when it comes to wallpapers. In general wallpapers are washable which makes the maintenance easy.

4. Cost

Usually the cost of wallpaper and its installation are more expensive than paints. However the present scenario has changed with the introduction of different kind of materials and types to make it more cost effective for buyers. Contrary to this, paints tend to be less costly, though the price varies depending on the type and finish you select. There are plenty of low cost interior painting options available for those who have budget limitations.

Home decors offer a huge array of options that you can use to add creativity to your home. Wallpapers and paints both come with their pros and cons. You can even use a combination of both for your home décor, the choice is yours.

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Every Commercial Building Needs Maintenance

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Tips for Keeping tour Commercial Building in Good Shape

A commercial building you own is no different from your own office building. The appearance of your commercial complex is the first impression on the visitors and probable renters in your building, and thus it needs to look well-maintained. To promote your brand and maintain your reputation, your commercial building requires a high-quality paint job initially and regular paint job maintenance thereafter. Brampton Painting offers such high-quality commercial painting services which can play a major role in making it aesthetically appealing.

While regular painting requires your attention, other things that should not be neglected. Here’s how you can keep up the maintenance of your commercial building.

Start With the Exterior
In a commercial building, the care you put into its appearance speaks a lot about yourself and your brand. A building with chipped paint will never fail to turn away potential customers. To ensure that doesn’t happen, make a quarterly inspection so that all the minor repairs are taken care of and the building looks freshly painted all year round. Hiring a commercial painting services contractor can help you achieve that.

Pressure Washing
The exterior of a building faces the most damage from dust, grime, and other blemishes. That’s the reason your building needs pressure washing regularly so that it doesn’t show the effects of aging. It also helps keep your paint job looking fresh and shiny.

Cleaning tricks
While regular paint jobs and pressure washing will take care of the major maintenance, there are still minor repairs you need to focus on. It could be mold and mildew, where household bleach mixed with water can help you. Or it could be rust stains, in which case Epsome mixed with water will aid you. Issues like these might not seem significant but will stand out to your visitors and are signs of a poorly-maintained commercial building. A regular inspection on your building can help you spot these issues.

Check the Utilities
Did you know that your utilities like air conditioners and heating systems can cause the most damage to your building? Maybe a leak in your air conditioner is causing harm to your paint job. Same applies for plumbing. A defect in any such utility can significantly damage your building’s exterior. To prevent this, schedule regular maintenance of your air conditioner and other such utilities. The positive effect of these repairs on your building far outweighs their cost.

Maintenance is an Investment
Neglect on one section shows on your building far more easily than the shine on its other side. So, ignoring your paint job for a few years until it starts showing wear and tear is not a smart choice in maintaining your commercial building. Instead, invest in commercial painting maintenance to get more years from your existing paint job. Consider Brampton Painting for this, which is one of the top commercial painting services in Brampton.

Keep these things in mind to keep up the maintenance on your commercial building so that it always looks clean and new. A commercial painting service can help you achieve that easily.

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Trends of Residential Painting that Will Dominate 2019

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2019 is finally here and like every year I have embraced the New Year with my friends and family. This year my focus is on my house and I wish to give it a complete makeover to celebrate the new beginning.

Well, I would not want to bring a drastic change in it as I love my home but playing with some trendy colors on the walls will not be a bad idea. I have been planning for this since long but I think the New Year is the best time to give a fresh start.

If you are also someone like me and thinking of renovating your home in 2019, consider these color trends that will dominate 2019 in residential painting to not just color but also to add life to your home.

What does the 2019 trend say?

This year the home design and color trends have taken a shift from neutrals to bold colors. Here is the list of five of these trends that you might be witnessing throughout 2019.

  • Floral prints
  • Warm neutral tones
  • Boho décor
  • Metallics
  • Matte black accent

1. Floral prints

To keep pace with the new trend of bold colors, floral patterns have gone through colorful changes. Muted, watercolor flowers are no longer in use. The new bouquets will come with vibrant colors and be bigger in size. Floral pattern adds both color and pattern to your home décor with a perfect balance.

2. Warm neutral tones

There was a time when neutral tones consisted of only gray and beige but the New Year has brought us the much needed warmth to these tones. These shades include clay and hazelnut hues which are earthy browns and have the incredible ability to reflect light and make the room appear bigger.

The gray color has also been renewed and named as Lilac gray. These neutral colors add elegance to your room. You can certainly go for these colors if you are looking for a transformation.

3. Boho décor

Bohemian décor offers the perfect blend of vibrant colors, textures and patterns. The new coloring concept is well known for bringing in vibrant jewel tones with soft, curved lines. You can give your home a brand new look with this updated version of Boho Décor.

4. Metallics

The usage of metallic accent for the purpose of home décor has been around for a while now and they show no signs of going out of style soon. Because of its growing popularity and demand, it will continue to hold its position in 2019 as well. Rosegold has dominated the year 2018 and now copper accents are expected to take its place in 2019.

5. Matte black accent

The Matte black accent is the ultimate match for gray. For your dining room, you can go for the black dining room chairs and light fixtures. The trend is here to stay but just don’t overuse the black color otherwise, your dining room will start giving Addams family vibes.

The trend forecast of residential painting Hamilton, says 2019 is the year of bold colors. Whether you want a complete renovation for your house or you just want to update your dining room with vibrant colors and wall art the 2019’s home décor trends will fit into everyone’s budget.

So if you have already chosen a shade for yourself, then do not wait just type “Brampton Painting” on Google to search for residential painting contractors near me and get in touch with some renowned contractors in Brampton, Toronto, Hamilton, Oakville & GTA.

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