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Colour Your Office Building to Match Your Brand

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The walls of your commercial property symbolize your brand image to the viewers. The choice of colors the walls have and the quality maintenance on the construction can indeed strengthen your commercial property. Moreover, the walls painted with the right paint based on your service and brand can create the best and memorable impression on your customers.

Your office building is the advertising board for your business. The exterior walls of your office building construction should portray the right message and image to your customers about what you have to offer them. Based on the hue of color and the quality of maintenance you use, your office building can help or harm your business. Local commercial painting company are the right resources that can help you choose the right colors for your property that can match your brand and create a notable impression on the customers.

Importance of toning your office building with your business brand

With the subconscious mind, most people, as researches reveal, make judgments about a product, service, or business environment within a few initial seconds of viewing. The review is most times based on the paint hue. Whether customers will return to your office or shop depends on the overall aesthetics of the building. This implies how important it is to paint your office space to match your business brand.

You might have come across some retail stores and restaurants with a noticeable brand. You may don’t need to see the logo or sign to identify the type of business they are into. Their logo, health, and the color of the building itself speak about the type. Not only large businesses can create and maintain their brand value through their building, even small, mid-sized, and startup businesses can also with the help of professional commercial painting services benefit from making their office construction represent their brand.

Color hue and designs on your commercial construction can majorly impact on the message you want to convey to the people who drive by the building. Based on color and design, your business space not only convey your image but can also help you space apart from the competitors.

Role of Colors in Branding

One of the major choices you will need to make when planning to build a new office or renew the existing one is to decide the color hue. The paint color you use on the exterior wall of your construction can enhance the message you want to send to the viewers. Making an emotional impact, your building color can create a strong impression. Establishing and maintaining a good lasting impression is vital to any business brand.

If you are setting up a new business or want to upgrade your existing office building, researching out the best commercial painters near me should be one of the initial steps to take. An expert can help you choose the right color schemes that can in the best way represent your business. A few best color options are-

  • Red – The color red stimulates appetite and is most often used in the food service industries. Also, the color creates urgency often view clearance sales. Moreover, the color red is also used for impulsive shoppers.
  • Yellow – It is the color of youthfulness and optimism. The color yellow is often used to attract window shoppers.
  • Blue – With the sense of trust and security, the color blue is often used in corporate business buildings.
  • Orange – This creative color signifies aggression. The orange is often used to represent a friendly, cheerful and confident brand.
  • Green – The color green represents money and builds a trusted brand. It is often used in stores and is associated with prosperity.
  • Purple – This imaginative color represents creativity and a wise brand. It is mostly found in businesses associated with beauty products.

While choosing the right color for your business building, consider the hues that represent your brands. Think about what message you want to convey and the prospective customers to get the right pick that does well to attract the right audience.

Color Balance with Logo

If your product logo is blue that doesn’t mean you should paint your construction blue. Nevertheless, the color of your logo and signs plays a vital role when deciding on the right paint color for your office property. You will want hues that can tone well together while drawing on the power of color representing your brand image.

Often, natural colors go well for a majority of spaces nevertheless brighter hues can be a good accent to add. Your location plus the size and design of your building also plays an important role when choosing a color. The color you pick should not clash with the building next door. Choosing the right color hue out of arrays of options is not easy. It indeed requires a commercial painting expert to help.

Employ Highly Skilled Commercial Painters

While deciding on a paint color for your office, you should, first of all, understand your company’s selling point. For example, if you are dealing with eco-friendly products, green can get you a better response than any other option. On the contrary, black can add an elegant choice to add more sense of luxury. The colors majorly influence on the brand. Like when talking about blue, it is the most liked color among men and women. And as mentioned above blue influences the sense of calmness and security.

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The view of your building has a great impact on the first impression of your business. In regards to painting your new business or re-painting the existing one, you should only trust the best commercial painting services Oshawa. Get highly talented and experienced consultants. Experienced and expert consultants offer the best customer service, reliability, and skills to create a surface that can represent your brand in the right color hue.

bramptonpainting_wpColour Your Office Building to Match Your Brand

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