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Beautify Home Walls with Stylish Floor Paintings

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The first thing that comes in our mind, when we think of adding a fresh look to our house is wall paintings. It is believed to be one of the easiest ways of renewing the appearance of a house. A freshly painted wall or a panel of wallpaper or artwork can instantly brighten up your mood.

In case you do not want to change your walls or just want to try out something new for your house makeover- you always have an option to experiment with your floors.

Recently the concept of floor painting is being counted amongst the hottest trends of 2019 as stated by Pinterest. Floor paintings not only enhance the look of your home, it is also a lot cheaper than the procedure of taking out the hardwood or tile from your floor. When it comes to floor painting it is always better to rely on professionals. This new trend and ideas provide more than which only satisfies your eyes and there are different ways of painting floors as well.

1. Make a statement with stencils

Statement making flooring such as ceramic, natural and porcelain are quite expensive. Stencils are an amazing replacement for such high priced flooring options which not only cost less but provide a better appearance to your space. To freshen up your kitchen and powder room, you no more need to take the hassle of changing your flooring entirely. Try out various stencil designs like mosaic or geometric pattern for stunning makeovers. It’s a trendy DIY trick that can be applied on tiles, parquet, wood and even linoleum.

Stencils are the easiest way to add a new design to a particular room. It is affordable and recommended for larger spaces. These are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs for you to choose.

2. Amp up parquets

Parquet floors have made a comeback after 1960s in 2019. These wooden floors are installed in geometric patterns and one of the favorite flooring option for the design conscious home owners. Parquet floors witnessed its golden period in 60s when it almost became a fashion to finish its look with a particular orange hue that has gone out of trend now. But the best part about it is that even if not orange, you can opt for various colors in this flooring pattern. It is always better to go for a wood stain or paint color like gray or black that represent the current trend. Before anything else you need to paint the entire parquet floor with an oil based primer. This will protect the paint from soaking into the wood. Finish the look with polyurethane coat, and then finally voila—like-new flooring.

3. Brighten up rooms with bold glaze

Glazed ceramic tiles are suitable for almost every room but its usage is mostly seen in kitchens and bathrooms. Ceramic tiles are rarely seen in other colors than natural hues like beige and taupe. So if you wish to experiment with colors, it is a good idea to go for the bold once. A fresh splash of bold and beautiful colors are perfect way to renergize your rooms. Such bold colors in floors allow the light to reflect and better endure wear over time.

Selecting an acrylic latex or epoxy floor paint keeps you in the safer side as they make sure that the paint adheres to the tile surface. You can apply a sealer to block small pores on the surface of an unglazed tile. A sealant adds a glossy look to a freshly painted tile. You must always keep in mind that your floors need an ample amount of time to dry.

bramptonpainting_wpBeautify Home Walls with Stylish Floor Paintings

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