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Why Applying Primer Coat Before Painting is Important

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It would not be wrong to say that every painting project is incomplete without primer. Whether it is a new drywall, old wood, bare metal or any other surface, primer is recommended for every painting project. Primer is used as a consistent base for top coats of paint which is sticky and designed to adhere well.

But a professional painters does know the proper usage of primer and its advantages. For a residential painting service Mississauga, it is recommened to look for an experienced painting contractor who can give you your desired look.

Applying paints directly on the wall without applying primer means you will need additional coats for adequate coverage and the paint may not settle down well to the original wall. The formulations of primer are different for different surfaces.

Advantages of applying primer coat

  • Primer application on a new surface seals the original material so that the paint does not soak into it.
  • It is also useful in concealing joints, seams on drywall and it prevents bleed-through from knots and other natural blemishes and coloring in bare wood.
  • Primer with stain blocking capacity hides mold stains and other discoloration to make the paint finish flawless.
  • Primer is essential to ensure the success of paint jobs on masonry, metal and many wood surfaces
  • Primer is usually white in color but neutral colored primer can also be seen.
  • Neutral color primer is generally used to bring out the actual color shade
  • Although it is not necessary to add color with primer before application but some stores mix small amount of pigment with it to make it closer to the real paint color. This idea really works well when the final color is much lighter than the original color.

Oil based color

The usage of oil based primers is mainly seen on surfaces that are likely to be touched frequently like doors, cabinets and windows. Oil based primers need spirits for thinning and clean up. They are an ideal choice for sealing over problematic wood like cedar. Shellac-based primers are mainly designed to cover up the most difficult surfaces with smoke stains, crayon and oil based adhesive.

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Water based primer

Water based or latex primers have an amazing capacity to conceal stains. Such primers can be used on new drywall and bare wood for the best results. Water based primers are recommended to be tested on an inconspicuous area before application on bare wood to ensure that it does not raise the wood grain. They can also be used on plaster, brick, masonry and painted metal based on the specific formula. Generally, high-quality water-based primers use 100-percent acrylic resins and they are a little more expensive than standard-quality formulas.

Paint and primer in one

A paint-and-primer-in-one product is specially designed to cover up surfaces with single coat. This particular type of primer works the best on new drywall or previously painted surfaces for a decent coverage in one coat. However, they are thicker than normal primers due to their formulation which mean their performance as primers may not be the same in many situations. This is one of the reasons why paint and primer products are not recommended for surfaces that require high performance bond or stain blocking.

bramptonpainting_wpWhy Applying Primer Coat Before Painting is Important

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