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Best Ideas for Low Budget Painting

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Renovating house on a budget is not a child’s play. You need to utilize your available resources wisely to get the most out of them. When it comes to a budget renovation, the first thing that comes to our mind is painting, as they are affordable and offer the easiest ways to brighten up any space. Interior and exterior residential painting projects require surface preparation to make sure that the primer and paint stick properly.


Ways to Make the Good Impact with Low Budget Paints

Whether you want to do it yourself or you want to hire professionals to add perfection and creativity to the painting work, a fresh splash of paint to the right place can do wonders. Here are some ideas that will help you work on the right places of your home to obtain the best results in your home renovation project at an affordable budget.

1. Accent walls

Accent walls offer an amazing way to create an attractive space in your room that draws attention of the visitors without painting the entire walls. An accent wall is a wall whose color or design differs from the rest of the walls in a room. If you have used neutral colors like beige, off white and gray on your walls, you can go for a contrasting shade for the accent walls. In order to achieve the perfect look, firstly you need to choose a suitable space in your room for that, for example fireplace, large window, headboard or a built in bookcase. You can get color ideas from pillows, fabric and artwork.

2. Renew the exterior trim

You can add a brand new coat of paint to the fascia, soffits along the roof lines and trim around the windows and doors and other elements. If you want to brighten up your faded walls, you can simply paint the house trim to get the look. Painting the trim requires patients and attention but the end result is worth the time and effort. Homeowners tend to hand over such intricate projects to professionals who use the right techniques that hold up to weathering.

3. Add a fresh coat to the exterior front door

According to the majority of real estate professionals, the front entryway creates a remarkable first impression to the visitors. As time passes the beauty of the front door starts fading off. To get back the charm again you can choose a contrasting shade with the existing paint to apply on it. This will give your entrance a stunning makeover. If you take off the hinges of the door, it will be easier to paint and dry it out fast.

4. Paint the interior trim and windows

If you wish to change the entire appearance of the room, you do not have to change the existing color of the room; instead you can paint the trim, molding and windows. This particular low budget method brings amazing changes to you rooms where you have applied neutral colors to the adjacent walls. You can go for a satin-gloss finish to highlight the trim against walls.

Using these above mentioned ideas, you can surely make a big impact with small budget paint. With a limited budget, possibilities are also limited but it all depends on your imagination power. Do not hesitate to try out something new as paints are removable. In case you are not satisfied with the color you have applied you can always change or remove it.

bramptonpainting_wpBest Ideas for Low Budget Painting

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