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Tips to Hire an Efficient Painting Contractor

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It is true that the term DIY is in fashion now and people do not think twice before trying their hands on anything but trust me certain areas of your home improvement project do need professional interference.

When it comes to painting people think it’s a very easy task. After all who does not know how to dab a brush into paint? But the reality is a bit different and it says house painting is not as easy as it sounds. It might save you a few bucks but it is next to impossible for you to bring the perfection into the work as professionals. It is an extremely laborious job that needs patience and excellence at every stroke.

So when you wish to paint your house hire a professional painter in Brampton who is experienced and efficient at his job. But hiring a painter blindly will cost you money and disappointment both. To avoid it you need to keep certain things in mind before appointing a professional contractor.

Let’s find out the things to consider before hiring a painter for your home.

1. Research

Like every other project, this project also starts with a little bit of homework. You can simply take Google’s help in this research with your postal code where you will find company ratings, sample work, testimonials from customers and more. Asking your friends, family and colleagues for recommendation is also not a bad idea. There are many contractors who have their own websites, check them for pictures and other details. These websites also contain their portfolio which will give a clear picture of their service quality to you.

2. Insurance

Insurance means trust. In other words if the painter you are hiring is insured then it adds a sense of trustworthiness to his work. Do not hesitate to enquire about a contractor’s insurance as you are the one who will take the risk. There are a lot of painters who are operating in the market without insurance and that is why you need to be careful. Most of the professional painters carry the proof of liability insurance with them. In case they do not have it ask them for a copy of it or you can directly call the insurance company to verify whether he is insured.

3. Specify your tastes and preferences

The price and quality of your painting project depend on multiple factors. Apart from the number of quotes a painter applies, the preparation is also a major factor based on which the service cost varies. If you wish to have an even surface and refuse to compromise then talk to the contractors about your tastes and preferences and be prepared to spend a few extra bucks on it. On the other hand if you are comfortable with minor imperfections then agree on what level of preparation is acceptable.

4. Ask for estimation

Ask for estimation in written form from each and every contractor you are considering to hire. It should thoroughly contain the details of breakdown of labor, material costs, number of coats of primer and paint, brand and models of materials and the description of the amount of surface preparation that will be done.

5. Ask for references

Reference is crucial in vital projects like this. Of course you cannot take such a big decision only based on someone’s words. You do have the right to know what you are getting into. You can talk to their past clients to know about their service quality. If a company has confidence in their work they would show you their previous work wholeheartedly without being hesitant. If you notice any reluctance in them in providing their work references, then you should put your steps back.

6. Better Business Bureau

Being a member of the Better Business Bureau or other trade associations gives you the assurance that the company is stable. It clearly indicates that the company is dedicated towards its trade and offering the best possible quality to its clients.

At the end of the day whoever you choose will be a part of your life for an extended period of time. That is why you need to be careful before taking the final decision. Follow the above mention tips to find a suitable professional painter for your commercial and residential painting project.

bramptonpainting_wpTips to Hire an Efficient Painting Contractor

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