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Trends of Residential Painting that Will Dominate 2019

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2019 is finally here and like every year I have embraced the New Year with my friends and family. This year my focus is on my house and I wish to give it a complete makeover to celebrate the new beginning.

Well, I would not want to bring a drastic change in it as I love my home but playing with some trendy colors on the walls will not be a bad idea. I have been planning for this since long but I think the New Year is the best time to give a fresh start.

If you are also someone like me and thinking of renovating your home in 2019, consider these color trends that will dominate 2019 in residential painting to not just color but also to add life to your home.

What does the 2019 trend say?

This year the home design and color trends have taken a shift from neutrals to bold colors. Here is the list of five of these trends that you might be witnessing throughout 2019.

  • Floral prints
  • Warm neutral tones
  • Boho décor
  • Metallics
  • Matte black accent

1. Floral prints

To keep pace with the new trend of bold colors, floral patterns have gone through colorful changes. Muted, watercolor flowers are no longer in use. The new bouquets will come with vibrant colors and be bigger in size. Floral pattern adds both color and pattern to your home décor with a perfect balance.

2. Warm neutral tones

There was a time when neutral tones consisted of only gray and beige but the New Year has brought us the much needed warmth to these tones. These shades include clay and hazelnut hues which are earthy browns and have the incredible ability to reflect light and make the room appear bigger.

The gray color has also been renewed and named as Lilac gray. These neutral colors add elegance to your room. You can certainly go for these colors if you are looking for a transformation.

3. Boho décor

Bohemian décor offers the perfect blend of vibrant colors, textures and patterns. The new coloring concept is well known for bringing in vibrant jewel tones with soft, curved lines. You can give your home a brand new look with this updated version of Boho Décor.

4. Metallics

The usage of metallic accent for the purpose of home décor has been around for a while now and they show no signs of going out of style soon. Because of its growing popularity and demand, it will continue to hold its position in 2019 as well. Rosegold has dominated the year 2018 and now copper accents are expected to take its place in 2019.

5. Matte black accent

The Matte black accent is the ultimate match for gray. For your dining room, you can go for the black dining room chairs and light fixtures. The trend is here to stay but just don’t overuse the black color otherwise, your dining room will start giving Addams family vibes.

The trend forecast of residential painting Hamilton, says 2019 is the year of bold colors. Whether you want a complete renovation for your house or you just want to update your dining room with vibrant colors and wall art the 2019’s home décor trends will fit into everyone’s budget.

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bramptonpainting_wpTrends of Residential Painting that Will Dominate 2019

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